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Tips to Buy Cheap Concert Tickets Everytime

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Cheaper tickets hacks and tips

Your favorite band is in town, you must see their show, you check the ticket prices, and you see that it is just ridiculous. You can give up on going to this concert, pay tons of money to attend it, or you can follow this guide and learn how to buy cheap concert tickets!

· Something that most people don’t know is that many bands have “street teams.” Team members of street teams are tasked with promoting the concert by putting up posters, telling their friends, and using Twitter and Facebook and the social media to help spread the word. You won’t just get cheap tickets from doing so, you will get free tickets or sometimes win a VIP pass to things like the Garth Brooks tour dates.

· You can volunteer to help set up the concert. Check if the performers are looking for volunteers and apply. In addition to getting a chance to see your favorite artists personally and talking to them, you will attend the concert for free. You will even be paid if you have experience with lighting and music equipment.

· Some companies offer a “seat filler” membership. For a not-so-high monthly subscription, you will get free tickets to many comedy shows, concerts, sports, etc. as these companies fill the empty seats that were not sold for a lower price.

· Enter contests to win tickets. Sometimes radio stations and social media pages of artists host contests in which the winners can get free tickets to concerts and shows. 

· Always buy tickets as early as you can. Tickets prices keep increasing as the shows and concerts become closer. And when all tickets are sold, and you’re desperately want to buy a ticket, you will have to buy it from someone who is ready to give it up, usually for much more money than its original price.

· If the tickets aren’t completely sold out, check Craigslist. Some people will sell their unwanted tickets for lower prices to compete with the original price. Make sure you give the seller the money in person to avoid scams.